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Art of Kirill Garin for The Scar (1997)

Art of Kirill Garin for The Scar (1997)

Now we can prove it: unveils English translation of The Scar coming next year from Tor Books. There is no cover image yet, but the pre-order price $16.49 (discounts applied) is already here. The book will come to readers in USA at February 28, 2012.

The Scar (1997) is fantasy novel, second book in Dyachenko’s “Wanderers” Cycle (but it stands strong for itself).

More than once it happened to brave squabbler Egert Soll to kill on duel, but the death of his last victim was suddenly avenged. Soll had lost the fight to the misteriuos stranger, and stranger’s sword left a deep mark on the Egert’s face – and on his soul. He was doomed by the the spell that turned the excellent fighter into the shameful coward. And now Soll is fated to find a way to remove a spell of the former Gate-Keeper…

The novel was the winner of 1997 Sword in the Stone Award for the best original fantasy novel of the year published in Russia.

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