THE SCAR – British Kindle Edition

The Scar, British e-book edition cover

The Scar, British e-book edition cover

Now you’ve got it: here is special Kindle edition of THE SCAR for readers from Great Britain ready for immediate download. The price is £1.90 (compare this to $13.99 actual price for American Kindle edition at Great pricing, isn’t it?

Product Description:

What if Fyodor Dostoyevsky had written an Adventure novel? The result would be Sergey and Marina Dyachenko’s THE SCAR, a brilliantly written novel of redemption.

THE SCAR is something very special: it is a character examination of two people torn by disaster, their descent into despair, and their re-emergence through love and courage. Like Alexander Pushkin, Sergey and Marina Dyachenko mix dramatic scenes with romance, action and wit; like Nikolai Gogol, their style is direct, trenchant and even sarcastic. THE SCAR, lyrical and written with the sure hand of an artist, is the story of a character driven by his own feverish demons to find redemption.

The main character, Egert, begins as a brash, confident member of the elite guards and an egotistical philanderer. But after he kills an innocent student in a duel, a mysterious man known as “The Wanderer” challenges Egert, taunting him the way Egert has taunted countless others, then slashes his face with his sword, leaving Egert disfigured. Though the pain of the wound subsides, the scar that remains is a symbol of the curse of cowardice. Unable to end his suffering at his own hand, Egert then embarks on an odyssey to undo the curse and the horrible damage he has caused. It will not be a simple spell that breaks the curse, but a painful journey down a long and harrowing path.

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